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Former Brooklynite and now urban homesteader on the Hudson!

Soon to come…a brand new kitchen!

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We are getting ready for a huge kitchen reno! Sound the trumpets! In preparation, we went through old photos of the house and completely forgot how the kitchen (and some other rooms) looked when we bought the place. Check out … Continue reading

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A Healthier (sorta) Valentine’s Day Treat

With the little guy in daycare, there is a need to supply treats every once in a while. Since we like homemade stuff, I decided to surf the web for a recipe for cut out cookies that were a bit healthier than the … Continue reading

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DIY Calendula Oil

A few weeks ago, our little guy got a rash all over his body. It wasn’t bothering him (it definitely bothered us!) and his pediatrician suggested it was a viral and it would go away with time. He also suggested … Continue reading

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Local Sugar Substitutes: Looking at Stevia

In our last post, commenter Theresa asked “have you thought about growing (or using locally grown) stevia?” Well, it just so happens that we have access to some stevia that our CSA grows in their meditation herb garden! In addition to some … Continue reading

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Battery Acid? Pssshaw!

In prepping for Lucien’s arrival, we got a bunch of things for free or cheap via friends and Craigslist. One thing we got for free was a baby swing. We were told all babies need to have a swing, so … Continue reading

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DIY Cloth Wipe Solution

With the arrival of our newest Minnisingh member came many, many, many diapers and even more wipes. We used disposables for the first two weeks and I was shocked at the amount of garbage bags that piled up. Also, Lucien’s … Continue reading

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Update: DIY Clay Mask Powder

In case you needed a ringing endorsement about the DIY Face Clay Powder posted up a while ago, here you go! The wonderful Liverpudlian footballer (and my little sister), Amanda DaCosta, gave this a go when her skin was a … Continue reading

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One of the reasons we have been remiss in posting, but busy in projects, is that the Minnisingh family will be growing by one more in the next couple of weeks! Prepping for the baby has meant a finishing number … Continue reading

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Kitchen Floor Redo

We went on vacation and came back to a new kitchen floor! Well, not completely new, as the old linoleum is still under the replacement vinyl tile, but it looks great! My wonderful, amazing, etc., mother really wanted us to … Continue reading

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DIY Square Top

I think we were going to spill the beans in a more exciting fashion, but I maybe it will happen in this post. I’ve left some clues in previous blog posts, but they were very miniscule. Can you see what’s … Continue reading

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