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A Healthier (sorta) Valentine’s Day Treat

With the little guy in daycare, there is a need to supply treats every once in a while. Since we like homemade stuff, I decided to surf the web for a recipe for cut out cookies that were a bit healthier than the … Continue reading

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DIY Calendula Oil

A few weeks ago, our little guy got a rash all over his body. It wasn’t bothering him (it definitely bothered us!) and his pediatrician suggested it was a viral and it would go away with time. He also suggested … Continue reading

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Long Time no Blog

Updates around here have been conspicuously absent so far in 2015 (not to mention for most of 2014).  Mostly that’s a result of jobs and the baby and the dog leaving us limited time to undertake blogable projects, much less … Continue reading

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Battery Acid? Pssshaw!

In prepping for Lucien’s arrival, we got a bunch of things for free or cheap via friends and Craigslist. One thing we got for free was a baby swing. We were told all babies need to have a swing, so … Continue reading

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Updates, Various

Finding time for blogging with an infant in the house hasn’t proven so easy, but there’s actually been a fair amount going on around the house.  First, a gratuitous baby shot. After almost a year of assessment and reassessment, we’ve … Continue reading

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DIY Cloth Wipe Solution

With the arrival of our newest Minnisingh member came many, many, many diapers and even more wipes. We used disposables for the first two weeks and I was shocked at the amount of garbage bags that piled up. Also, Lucien’s … Continue reading

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The Minnisingh family grew by one last week.  We welcomed our son Lucien on Monday the 28th and brought him home Thursday (we had a slightly extended hospital stay while Tina recovered from a C-section – Lucien was breech).  Here he is! … Continue reading

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