DIY Square Top

square top secretI think we were going to spill the beans in a more exciting fashion, but I maybe it will happen in this post. I’ve left some clues in previous blog posts, but they were very miniscule. Can you see what’s happening? No? It’s hiding a bit in this top.

I’ll leave you to ponder that while I extol the wonderfulness of this DIY Square Top.

First encountered on, you guessed it, Pinterest, I took myself to the fabric store and got a yard of cozy fleece-y material for about $3.50.

I then pretty much followed these instructions. What I couldn’t figure out was how wide to make the top, so I got Phil to measure me from elbow to elbow and used that plus a 1/4″ seam allowance as my guide.

So, you ready?


DIY Square Top


  • 1 yard of fabric (or more, if necessary); I used a fleece blend – you may want something with a bit of stretch or that’s soft instead of a calico
  • coordinating thread
  • sharp scissors
  • pins
  • chalk or fabric pencil, optional (I wished I used mine instead of being lazy)

To Do:

Lay out your fabric and cut out the width.  I used elbow to elbow, feel free to make it longer (which would give you some crazy kimono-type sleeves) or shorter (more of a tank top).


Fold your fabric vertically. Trace out your neckline shape. I used a favorite V-neck sweater and then used a straw to mark it on the fabric. OK, I eyeballed it. Follow the instructions above if you want something more.


Cut out your neckline, but don’t cut through all of the fabric. Unless you want a big V front and back – which is not a bad look!


Cut a small arc for the back of your neck.


Pin the sides of your shirt, leaving room for the arm holes. Again, no guidance from the original tutorial, so I just winged it and said 10″ from the top and measured down. It seems to work fine!



Sew up the sides! Hem the neckline if you want. I’m leaving mine raw. DONE!







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  1. Carol says:

    Mini addition to Minnisingh. Mazeltov!

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