It’ll Take Some Getting Used To

One thing that I knew when moving up here is that our expenses were going to change.  Until we figure out the Farmer’s Market/gardening situation, we have to rely on a normal supermarket.  Which is fine.  Except when it’s not.  Like when crappy red peppers cost 2.99-3.99 a pound.  Seriously?  Food Coop, you have spoiled me.  The challenge will now be how to get most bang for our buck when grocery shopping by following our own advice.  I know that with some more time and getting familiar with the area, we will figure this out, but for now I am dreading our trips to the grocery store.

Another issue that we face is the train ticket down to the city for work.  Initially, we had thought we had budgeted this properly, but it turns out that a 10-trip ticket doesn’t get you very far and a monthly ticket has a gender requirement (!?!?).  Again, something I know we will figure out when we actually have time to think.  Juggling unpacking, HVAC stuff, electrical work, working from home, cleaning windows (this house has a LOT of windows.  I think I spent 2 hours cleaning them inside and out-it was mild today.), cooking by candlelight, etc., we haven’t had time to sit down and really assess everything.

I’m still excited about this house and the move, although all of these other matters are stressful.  We didn’t have power for about 8 hours today as we were getting an upgrade to our electrical service (100 amps to 200), so I got crafty with my trusty staplegun and took care of the plywood in the linen cabinet.

Originally, I was going to put down some contact paper, but considering our dwindling remodeling budget, decided to use some scraps of fabric that have been languishing in a bin for years.

Linen ClosetThe beautiful door of our linen closet.  Love the glass too!

Linen Closet OpenInside it was kind of sad.  Eventually, it will be repainted…eventually.

Linen Closet OpenUsing a basic upholstery technique, I stapled fabric to the plywood.  Opposite corners, fold over and do the sides.  This will kind of give you the idea.  I did it how my mom taught me.

Finished PlywoodTa-da!  I was going to iron the fabric beforehand and realized…we had NO POWER.  My impatience won and I continued the project.

Finished shelving

And done!  I think I’m going to take a low iron to these babies when I get a chance and then fill up the closet with all of our linens and blankets and air mattress.  It’s nice to have a dedicated space to put those all in.

As aforementioned, I ran around the house and climbed up many ladder steps in order to clean all of the windows.  They are sparkling and I’m gonna take pride in them.  Too bad it’s dark outside or you all would get a pic of their magnificence.

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6 Responses to It’ll Take Some Getting Used To

  1. Lisa says:

    Nice job on the closet! Much better than contact paper.

  2. Steph says:

    I agree, the fabric is better than contact paper. It looks so cute and homey!
    Sorry it’s been a struggle! You guys are amazing and I’m so rnjoying following along with the project. It’s so worth it but also hard to see that when you’re in it- especially when unexpected things keep popping up.
    Anyway, keep posting. 🙂 We can’t wait to come enjoy the fruits of your labor. xoxo

  3. tina says:

    @Lisa – thanks!
    @Steph – I know it’ll look better from a distance (queue that song in my head now for the rest of the evening), but damn things are a pain right now. However, we DID start staining the wood in the living room and it will look gorgeous. Very excited to share that once we get some cooperating weather. It’s like Portland right now. LOVE your photos of the bebe on Instagram 🙂

  4. elaine says:

    I agree the fabric is so much better than contact paper, great idea! so classy! I am leaving a comment however because my mind is boggling at the mention of a gender requirement for the monthly train ticket?? please explain?

  5. phil says:

    This is Tina, not Phil, but there is an M and an F on your monthly Metro North ticket! Crazy, eh?

  6. elaine says:

    wow, yes!

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