Floor lamp, actually.  For some time, we’ve needed a floor lamp to replace a duct-taped-together piece of junk that serves as the primary light source in our office since we moved in.  Yesterday, I  happened to  see a tweet from our county executive announcing a local lighting company was opening a new factory just a few miles away.

To be honest, I hadn’t considered the possibility that there might be local lamps, but now I know.  And not only is Hudson Valley Lighting local, they have really beautiful stuff.   and while they don’t have their own showroom, their website pointed us to another local business, Route 9 Lamp and Lighting, that carries their products.

Unfortunately, when we got to the store and started looking through the options, it turned out that a Hudson Valley floor lamp was clearly out of our price range for this particular purchase (over $600).  But while our dream of a local lamp has been deferred, we were able to do the next best thing  – we got a restored antique lamp from the local lighting store.

It’s a really beautiful 1930’s piece and while it wasn’t what I’d call cheap (about $250), it’s clearly built to last in a way that some $40 faux bronze thing from the big box store would never be.


We’ll definitely go back to Route 9 Lamp and Lighting again.  As for Hudson Valley Lighting, we’ll want to check back on pricing for smaller fixtures, like wall sconces we’ll eventually need to replace in the upstairs hallway and potentially add to the kitchen when we fully renovate it next year.

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