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Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in Renovation | 2 comments

Minor Kitchen Redo

Minor Kitchen Redo

I spend a lot of time in our kitchen. I love to bake and cook and it’s great to be in a space where I can actually move around (as opposed to our many galley kitchens in Brooklyn). However, when we first moved in, I was a little taken aback by the electric stove, portable dishwasher and peeling countertop. This is the before.

2012-08-03 12.28.28

kitchen 2

2012-08-03 12.28.38

Remember this?

We stripped the strawberry wallpaper from the walls and put up some paintable wallpaper on clearance from Lowes, but didn’t do anything else until recently. Realizing that we probably needed to wait on creating our dream kitchen (gas stove, professional hood, new floors, possible new layout, etc.), we decided that a new light fixture, some paint and a new countertop would improve things. The reveal!


The original countertop in the corner had peeling green plastic-y paint that would get everywhere. Not very food safe. So that was ripped out and a board of plywood is now installed. My mom used a router to smooth and round the edges. Nice and clean.


The major brightener is the painting of the wood panel. Bye wood paneling! I think this makes the kitchen look much bigger too. First, I cleaned the wood paneling and removed all of the moulding. I used a water and ammonia mixture and let it dry. After that, we (me and my mom) primed with Kilz Oil Based Primer and had to use brushes to paint the paneling – get into all of the grooves. We then did 2 coats of Behr Moonlight White. This did take a while because of having to use brushes, but if you blast the right music, painting is not so bad!

After the paneling was conquered, we painted the wallpaper. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how well the paint would work on this wallpaper, but it was great! The paint went on easily with a roller and after two coats, we were done!


The finishing touches include the new kitchen clock and the trim around the doorway leading into the dining room. Phil had to cut out bits of the trim so it would fit flush against a built in space to put a child/dog barrier.


We still plan on ripping up the linoleum floor and refinishing the doors… A report for after the holidays. For now, it’s a happy green kitchen.


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  1. that looks great. the plywood countertop especially. how cool that your mom knows how to use a router. I love the ceiling with the beams. how did you strip the wallpaper? when we bought our old house a few rooms had been freshly wallpapered. it is now peeling (i hate it anyway), and I am faced with stripping it. not looking forward to it.

    • Hey Trish! Thanks for the nice comment. My mom is seriously superwoman! In terms of getting the wallpaper off. A LOT of work and elbow grease. If it’s already peeling, you may not be in bad shape. Get a PaperTiger scoring tool or something like it and use a spray bottle full of hot, soapy water. Score the wall in a small section, spray with the hot water, let sit a few minutes and then use a scraper to get the paper off. I’ve read that you could use fabric softener, and there are plenty of wallpaper stripper solutions to use as well. Let me know if what you end up doing!

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