One of the reasons we have been remiss in posting, but busy in projects, is that the Minnisingh family will be growing by one more in the next couple of weeks! Prepping for the baby has meant a finishing number of projects that weren’t on our radar, but the results of having the study, hallway and kitchen done were well worth the effort!

Of course, we needed to complete the baby’s room, a.k.a. my old office (which is why the study was redone…see?). Stripping the paint from the windows and doors, as well as repainting the room, scrubbing the floor and getting our electrician to wire one of the outlets to the light-switch were completed relatively quickly (a month total? is that quick?) – it’s a very small room.

This is when we first moved in, before it was my office. We are SO BAD at taking before pics!

This is when we first moved in, before it was my office. We are SO BAD at taking before pics!

Our modern nursery in all of it’s glory and a rundown!


We were very lucky in receiving a number of beautiful books for our baby shower. Wanting to showcase them for both art and function, we made these very simple shelves. Basic instructions can be found on Ana White’s site. The great changing table/dresser was found at a random place in Monticello, NY that had a bunch of estate sale finds in a small warehouse/garage. $100!!! Real wood! We’re attempting cloth diapering and more natural methods, so cloth wipes, coconut oil and a spray bottle full of homemade baby wipe solution stands at the ready.


The mural was done by Phil and it’s a horsetail and skullcap, both native plants to New York. We painted the wall with leftover green paint from the kitchen and repainted the rest of the walls a creamy white. Animal prints on the wall were designed by me with different animal silhouette fonts and the RGB color code of the green paint and printed at a local print store for about $1 apiece! Inspired by these prints via Etsy.


Crazy chevron rug bought super-cheap at and the rocking chair was given to me by my aunt a while ago. New covers for the cushions (removable! with velcro!) and a slap of white paint made it work better with the rest of the color scheme in the nursery. The beautiful ottoman was crocheted by my mother and the chic chevron blanket was actually Phil’s baby blanket! I also made the light fixture – tutorial to come soon!


All in all, we’re super proud of this room and I have to thank Phil and my mom for again, stripping all the paint from the beautiful original wood. I wasn’t able to take part in many of these renovations and am very thankful for both of them!

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  1. elaine says:

    beautiful!! so excited for you guys!

  2. Sara says:

    Wow!!! That is amazing!! Looks really beautiful. I wish I was a baby to live in that room… 😉

  3. Emily says:

    It’s so cute!!

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