With the new year comes a recommitment to blog projects that may have slipped by the wayside during the holiday season.  So here we are.

Actually, while we haven’t done any writing in a while we have been trying to keep up with our localism challenge.  We did our best to source as many of our holiday gifts as possible from local shops and producers, including a lot of books from Three Arts Bookstore, coffee from North River Roasters, amazing smoked maple syrup from Red and Brown, cheese from Sprout Creek Farm, Black Dirt bourbon and an array of hard ciders from up and down the Hudson Valley.

We’ve also been trying to keep up with buying local for ourselves.  We invested in a half gallon of local maple syrup to keep up with our sugar substitution efforts and just signed up for North River Roasters’ coffee CSA.  We also got ourselves some warm winter clothing from the Pleasant Valley Department Store.

The biggest thing on the horizon for us in the new year is the gut renovation of our kitchen in the early summer.  Since this project is so big and because the kitchen is probably the most important room in the house for us, it’s going to be the first time we’re bringing in a designer and a general contractor.  So in terms of local spending, we’re going to be working with all sorts of local professionals, starting with Mill Road Design who’s been working with us on the design process and helping us shop around for contractors.

On the other hand, this renovation is going to be a huge financial investment for us and it’s going to require us to be a lot more mindful of our spending in other areas.  In order to stick to a budget for groceries, among other things, will mean that we’ll have to make compromises about our local shopping in the instances where it means spending more.  In some ways though this will lend some structure to our project and will help us stay more mindful about how and where we’re spending our money.

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