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Mix and Match Heat

The path toward figuring out how to heat the house is really a one-step-at-a-time project.  Getting the wood stove installed was definitely a big leap in that regard, but it didn’t get us all the way there.  The big issue … Continue reading

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Wood Stove Installed

One of our longest home improvement struggles to date has finally (essentially) drawn to a close.  After a year and change worth of conflicting inspections, assessments and estimates from half a dozen contractors and vendors, we have a functioning wood … Continue reading

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Wood Stove Denouement

At this point the process of trying to get a wood stove installed is basically our biggest renovation fiasco. Considering we had an existing chimney and fireplace, it seemed like it should have been so easy. Not even close. But … Continue reading

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Duct Wrap

Fresh off one polar vortex and apparently heading into another, we’re back to fretting over the heat and the heating bill.  Our propane usage went up about 20% last month and the price per gallon has gone up 25 cents … Continue reading

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Draft Resistors

Ever since the news that the inside of the house equals the outside of our house, climatically speaking, draft elimination has become my number one domestic priority.  We could feel there was a ton of cold air coming in around the exterior … Continue reading

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