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It’s A Trap

Tina was doing some dinner dishes a few days back when the sink started draining very slowly.  We couldn’t see any obstruction looking down the drain, so I decided to remove the s-trap and check for blockage.  Sure enough, a … Continue reading

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Modest Bathroom Renovations

A couple weeks back I wrote about some fancy renovations we wanted to do in the first floor bathroom.  After thinking it over some more, though, it seemed like we might want to focus our efforts and budget on a part of … Continue reading

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First Floor Bathroom

While we wait to get a professional action plan squared away for the chimney and wood stove, we decided to get moving on some DIY projects elsewhere in the house.  The bathroom on the first floor is a small, contained … Continue reading

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99 Problems

It’s been a bit of a rough week at Minnisingh.  Just as the weather turns nice and we seem to have entered into full money pit mode. First off, another chapter has unfolded in our refrigerator saga.  After a failed … Continue reading

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