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Wood Stove Installed

One of our longest home improvement struggles to date has finally (essentially) drawn to a close.  After a year and change worth of conflicting inspections, assessments and estimates from half a dozen contractors and vendors, we have a functioning wood … Continue reading

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One of the reasons we have been remiss in posting, but busy in projects, is that the Minnisingh family will be growing by one more in the next couple of weeks! Prepping for the baby has meant a finishing number … Continue reading

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Finishing the Study

Though the state of this blog might give you the contrary impression, home renovation work is continuing apace at Minnisingh.  We’ve undertaken a few projects over the past couple months, but with a bit of a backup in posting, I’ll … Continue reading

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DIY Crate Bookshelf

Since revamping my home office space, I have been pinning ideas like crazy. I came across a bunch of pics using crates and boxes as shelving units and became enamored. It seemed like a simple and cheap enough project to accomplish … Continue reading

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Building Raised Beds

Our dreams of having our own garden finally took a couple steps toward reality over the past week as we started building our first raised beds. The first step here was to pick up a bunch of lumber.  We had … Continue reading

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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

We thought we were pretty clever a while back when we replaced the temperature sensor in our freezer ourselves rather than call a technician to repair it.  After putting in the new sensor, the freezer stayed at the set temperature … Continue reading

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Fingers to the Bone

I don’t think I have ever felt such pain in my fingers.  Days of sanding tiny crevices in molding, staining said molding and then cutting in with paintbrushes to prime, prime and paint has created an immense amount of pain … Continue reading

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Eating Lead/Stain on the Record

This post title is what we would call our week in living room renovations if it was a 1980s hardcore split single. Progress has slowed a bit on our living room renovations since half of the Minnisingh team went back … Continue reading

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